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About Sikkim​

Adventure Map of Sikkim

Tiny but beautiful, Sikkim is situated in the Eastern Himalayas, Spread below the Mount Kanchendzonga (8,534 mts.), the third highest mountain peak in the world. It is one of the smallest state in India, with an area of 7,300 sq. kms. and measuring approxcimately 100 kms. from North to south and 60kms from East to West, the elevation ranges from 244 mts. To over 8,500 mts. Above sea-leavel. Sikkim is the richest treasure house of India’s Flora and Fauna. It is a landlocked state, bounded by Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the East, Nepal in the West and state of WestBengal in the south. Sikkkim is the most peaceful land divided into four districts which are known as East, West,North and South Sikkim. The river Teesta is the life line of Sikkim.

Gangtok is the Capital of Sikkim at an altitude of 1,600 mts. Above sea-leavel. There are many places of tourist interest in and around the city. You can move from the sub-tropical heat of the lower vally to the cold of rugged mountain slopes that reach upto areas of perpetual snow.

General Information
Area 7096 sp. kms.
Population 540493 (Provisional Census 2001)
Altitude 224 mts to 8590 mts.
Temperature Summer: Max 28oC, Min13oC | Winter: Max 18oC, Min 7oC
Clothing Summer: Light Woollens | Winter: Heavy Woollen
Languages Hindi, Nepali, English, Lepcha, Bhutia etc.
Altitude 5200 Ft. (1547mt.)
Temperature Summer: Max 28oC, Min13.1oC | Winter: Max 15oC, Min 3oC
Annual Rainfall 3,894 mm
Best Season March to late May & October to Mid January
Place of Tourist Interest

Place of Tourist Interest ​Pemayangtse Monastery: is one of the oldest premier monasteries of the state. Established by Lhatsum Chempo one of the Revered Lamas to have performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal...Read More[+]

Festivals in Sikkim

Festivals in Sikkim Flower Festival: The imaginative display of flowers in a large glass house at the Flower Exhibition Centre near the White Hall Complex. Gangtok Food and Culture Festival: December is the month for the...Read More[+]

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